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Who we are?

Want to Know a little About us? Let us tell you.

LightningBolt.Dev is a Salesforce Administrative, Development, and Consulting business dedicated to helping our customers increase their sales, service, and workforce productivity.

Our History

Let us tell you a short story about our Journey

LightningBolt.Dev was established by Chance Allred, born out of the transformation of Red Code Solutions LLC that was originally founded in 2015.

During his high school years, Chance initiated his first venture into the world of IT by offering computer repair and virus removal services to his circle of acquaintances, encompassing family, friends, and referrals. His enthusiasm for technology led him to pursue a degree in Computer Information Systems (CIS) at California State University San Marcos.

Post-graduation, he dived into iOS development, contributing to various mobile apps and even crafting a social media platform named ALTR. Amidst his programming endeavors, the realm of Salesforce captured his attention, and he found himself captivated by its potential.

Over the span of eight years, Chance has dedicated himself to mastering the nuances of the Salesforce platform, honing his skills and expertise to construct five robust Salesforce organizations from scratch. These implementations have spanned diverse industries, showcasing his adaptability and proficiency.

Chance’s journey from a high school entrepreneur to the visionary founder of LightningBolt.Dev is a testament to his unwavering passion for technology and his commitment to mastering the ever-evolving landscape of IT & development. With a foundation built on hands-on experience, formal education, and a deep love for programming, Chance’s expertise has flourished, culminating in the creation of impactful Salesforce solutions across a spectrum of industries. As he continues to explore new horizons in the digital realm, his dedication serves as an inspiration to aspiring tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike.

Chance’s establishment of LightningBolt.Dev aims to disseminate his expertise and skillset to enterprises, fostering a foundation of trust, and guiding his business partners towards favorable trajectories using the Salesforce platform for the unforeseeable future.